Your Style Can Be Fun and Beautiful Even As A Parent, See How TF Stephano Does It

Fashion remains a unique affair. It is you, your choices and your lifestyle. In the spirit of celebrating mothers, we interviewed TF Stephano, a mother and serial entrepreneur.

TF Stephano is a make-up artist and the head of Stephano Beauty Academy. She also runs Alive again, an NGO that gives hope to women. Being quite a vibe, she was very jovial, receptive, and confidently declared,

“I am a fashion bird.”

What dictates what you wear most of the time?

I am quite outgoing so I like to dress up in accordance to the event I’ll be attending. If I were to attend a birthday party, I’ll dress up based on the age of the celebrant. But no matter the occasion, I love to be gorgeous.

What kind of outfits do you wear often?

It all depends on the event I have to attend. I can be casual, I can be gorgeous or all suited up or be in a native attire. I am a fashion bird, I love fashion. And I love to look great.

How much influence do you think motherhood has on your style?

I’m an ongoing person in all facets of life. By ongoing, I mean I don’t like to put an end to my growth as an individual and that includes my fashion too. I’m a growing person. I am not where I was when I was younger and I’ll keep growing and I’m loving it. So, motherhood didn’t affect my style, my style simply evolved because I keep growing.

How has social media helped you define your style? 

Social media has really helped most of us, it’s a good thing that it is there so you can know if you’re out of trend or still right on track. You can’t be an island when it comes to fashion.

How often does your mood affect your outlook?

I see life as an enjoyable place, I’m quite lively so my mood doesn’t swing often, I’m all bright and beautiful because I have taken time to really discover myself.

“Fashionwise, you have to be a person of yourself. You have to fully discover yourself before you can enjoy fashion.”

TF Stephano

What role(s) do you think fashion plays in how people view you and how you view people?

Fashion definitely tells me about a person and how they feel. For example, you don’t need to tell me you’re having a rough time or you’re depressed, I can see it on you. So yes, you can really see and get a picture of what they are going through from how they look.

With your words, could you give us a virtual tour of what your closet looks like?

I like to be trendy, so I wear all sorts of outfits. Vintage, jeans, ankara wears, patches, necklaces and lots of earrings.

Mauvelli Fashion bootcamp
Mauvelli Fashion Bootcamp

What is your favourite fashion accessory?

I love beads. I’m an African person who loves to celebrate Africa and showcase it, so, beads for my necklaces and even anklets.

What is that one fashion item you admire but may never get?

I actually love to be dramatic, I’m a make-up artist so I would say special effects. Special effects are not your everyday kind of make-up.

Who is your favourite fashion icon and why?

I love Genevieve Nnaji, she dresses well.

We have gathered that fashion is a journey, do not go too fast, and do not stop evolving. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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