You Can Rock Hoodies Rather Than A Tuxedo And Still Look Stylish, See How ‘Fantasticks’ Does It

Your fashion style is unique and you should be comfortable and confident in it. Our In My Closet column focuses on the unique fashion and lifestyle choices of Nigerians!

How far can you take your comfort? If you are one person who prioritises your comfort in your everyday look, you are not alone, there’s Adeoye ‘Fantasticks’ Iremide too.

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Fantasticks is a versatile creative and entertainer. He is an actor, performing percussionist, events host, events producer, creative director and content developer. Full of energy, our chat with him was all smiles and nods. At the start of the interview, he confidently stated:

I don’t have a particular style. I don’t have a fashion style I always use. I evolve because that is needed as part of the job I do. 

What dictates what you wear most of the time?

Let me first state that I’m an ambivert. My line of duty makes me do public things but outside that, I’m an indoors person. So if I need to be out there, the kind of event I’m attending determines what I wear. Location, event type and a few other factors dictate my fashion style.

What kind of outfits do you wear often? Could you give us a detailed picture of what your regular look is like?

Hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers, and big tees. I really don’t like stress. That’s my regular look. But on other days, I love native clothes. I wear other things too but those are my go-to outfits.

How much influence do you think social media has on your style?

I can’t exactly say social media has a whole lot of influence on my style because I really just go with whatever is in my head. 

“Don’t wear sneakers on native wears”, they say. I wear my Nike Airforce sneakers on my native wears and say, “who made the rules?” So I just do my thing. Not to say I don’t take tips online but it doesn’t totally influence all of my style. 

There should always be a check on EVERYTHING we adopt from social media actually. It is not just about fashion style alone. So pick your trends wisely and do what’s good for you.

There should always be a check on everything we adopt from social media.

Do you think your mood should affect your fashion?

In my opinion, style isn’t just about combining clothes. It’s deeper most times. It’s a strong feeling of what you want and it comes from within. Several factors also influence it, so, definitely, your mood can affect your style. 

My mood does sometimes. On days when I’m just numb and I really don’t feel that much vibe, I wear my regulars. A big black hoodie could do the trick. 

Why do you think when people are troubled, they don’t get to do so much makeup and wear their best attires? The mood, it has a huge part in it.

What role(s) do you think fashion plays in how people view us and how we view people?

Well, people are moved by what they see so yeah your fashion style is what people see and they can make assumptions in their head on what your personality might look like. Note that this doesn’t mean their perception is correct. 

If a person sees me in baggy cargo jeans, big tees, weird glasses, sneakers and a wave cap, you can discern that I’m kinda alte.  

I can also wear a nice tuxedo and look all classy the next day. So people can make up views based on what they see us wear but it really doesn’t mean that their view is one hundred per cent correct.  

But your style gives a little detail on how people view you.

With your words, could you give us a virtual tour of what your closet looks like?

Hoodies, denim, native wears, and a few corporate wears. Yeah, I think that’s it. Oh and shorts.

Nothing beats comfortable clothing. I don’t have a tux, please. Maybe when I have an award show, I could get one. I haven’t even worn suits in a while. So I just do shirts and pant trousers for now.

What is your favourite fashion accessory?

It has to be my glasses and necklace.

What is that one fashion item you admire but may never get?

I don’t know if this is a fashion item but it has to be septum piercing. I really think I’m going to get it someday though.

Who is your favourite fashion icon and why do they stand out?

 If you know me, you know it’s Denola Grey! I love him. Why does he stand out? Omo, I don’t know, I just love him. Minus the whole fashion thing, I love him. Denola is in a category on his own. He does it like nobody, and nobody does it like him. He has his way around his fits.

What is your fashion pet peeve?

Well, I’m not exactly a fan of weird alte dressing.

And it was a wrap. Still wondering how far you can take comfort over conventional standards? I guess the answer is as far as you reasonably can. 

Fashion style and preferences may evolve but it is important to have fun in your style journey and embrace positivity every step of the way!



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