Wondering what LinkedIn has to offer a fashion brand? Here are some answers

What is your favorite social media platform? It’s probably Instagram, and that’s understandable because IG is great with pictures and customers can see what you offer in one glance.

But how about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of those often overlooked platforms because it is ‘serious-y’, still, it is a gold mine of opportunities and can be a powerful tool for you as a fashion designer.


LinkedIn is a bit similar to Facebook in layout, the major difference is that it is a professional platform. That means that if you want to emphasize the business and authority part of your brand, LinkedIn is a place to be.

Here are some things LinkedIn has to offer your brand


Even though the language of this platform is professional, LinkedIn is the third-most popular social networking site. It is only behind Twitter and Facebook in terms of monthly visitors.

Over 250 million unique people visit the platform each month, from individual employees to leaders of business.

With the pace of LinkedIn a bit slower to that of Instagram, your posts have a better chance of being seen and engaged with.

The global audience reach also gives your brand increased visibility to industry players,  investors,  potential clients and other designers alike.

With increased visibility,  the chance of converting your leads to customers also increases. 

With LinkedIn, you can showcase pages from your main business page. These pages can be for separate arms of your business or specific products as the case may be.

One thing that this does for your brand is to portray organization and communicate a proper brand identity to your audience. What people see about your brand goes a long way in the value they place on your products. 

Having pages helps to direct users to a specific point of interest, and increases the chances of conversion. 

Linkedin collaboration

If you have plans of sharing helpful tips online from your business knowledge, LinkedIn can help you with that.

You can create your own LinkedIn Group and invite people to join, you can also join existing groups that are relevant to your brand. Joining groups helps you to interact with other brands and get collaboration if you need.

When you create a group and consistently put relevant content on it, it will establish you as an expert in the industry.

People say that your network indicates your net worth. You can form strategic partnerships with other brands by adding or joining their connection. 

Depending on what you do, LinkedIn can be a place to get quality learning materials for you. With the right planning and content, LinkedIn can add some key values to your brand.






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