Wondering How Long It Takes To Create An Outfit? Here Are Some Determinants That Customers And Fashion Designers Had To Share

When designing outfits, or fashion accessories, to put out the best in terms of quality for clients, designers need to take out ample time to design the products. Some outfit designs could take days, or even weeks to be completed, while for some, it could take just a few hours.

Certain factors contribute to the time taken for an outfit to be designed, and just like Sarah Tongo, a fashion-savvy client said,

“It depends on the complexity of the style, but ideally a typical owambe dress should not take more than 5 days.”

The style, as well as the workload of the designer, determines the number of days or hours it would take to design an outfit.

“If a fashion designer does not have a lot to do, that is, so much workload, it can be done in a maximum if 2 days. On the other hand, with so much workload for the designer, the outfit could take even a week to be ready.” – Nifemi Onifade, a fashion client.

On the part of fashion designers, certain things increase the time needed to complete any outfit. We asked designers how long it takes them to complete the design of an outfit, and here’s what they had to say;

Opeyemi Ademola, the founder and creative director of OpsheByOpshe , a bespoke and ready-to-wear fashion brand for women shared this with us,

“The time needed to design an outfit, depends on the style really. Some fits take about 5 hours, while others may take up to a day.” 

The creative director of Mho Threadz, a fashion brand that caters for the bespoke needs of women, Akande Adeola had this to say,

“Personally,  for a dress that is to be worn to a wedding, or any owambe party, it takes me about 4 to 5 hours to create.”

Creating the outfit, however, is not all that needs to be done before the outfits are delivered to their clients. Processes like ironing, trimming, and finishing have to be done after creating the outfit to achieve a smart look.

For example, some dinner outfits have to be adorned with glittery stones, or embroidery, and most of the methods of applications are done by hand.

The creative director of Ardeysola Couture, a bespoke fashion brand, Adepoju Adesola shared with us some factors that increase the time taken in creating outfits,

“Final decoration procedures for dresses, such as stoning, ironing and so on, are some of the things that take time even after sewing the outfit.”

These are some of the factors that determine how long an outfit would take before it gets delivered to the client. Through proper planning, division of labour amongst staff members, as well as effective time management, designers can be able to deliver their outfits in record time!






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