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Beyond being extremely good at what we do, we genuinely love people. That's how we know we already care about the brand you're working so hard to build.
That's also why we are relentless in using innovative marketing strategies and techniques that people love to create transformational content which ignites growth for each of our clients.

Copywriting is - to be frank - an indispensable skill that businesses are gladly paying for

It is no shock that some copywriters earn as much as $250/hour (fact from In fact, 60% of copywriters who quit their 9-5 jobs to freelance now earn a lottttttttt more than when they were full-time employees.

What about other metrics like better health as well as the freedom to work when you want and how much you want?

What if, in 4 weeks, you were able to approach a client with unstoppable confidence, genuine and proven copywriting skills and a killer arsenal of content from your portfolio?

What if YOU were able to double, triple or quadruple your current yearly income before the year is over just by writing crazily good copy for businesses?

It is absolutely possible for you to do all of these.

As a former 9-5 employee turned freelance writer, I have experienced that firsthand.

I created The Verge Accelerator to give content writers, copywriters, business owners, creatives and aspiring writers the guidance, skillset and push they need to create a thriving, profitable and impactful writing business.

I can't wait to see you start living the life of your dreams this year.

What We Do

In just 3 weeks, I’ll teach you how to write irresistible contents that convert and build credibility

Brand Voice Guide

As important as visual elements like colors and logos are to your business, brand tone and voice are indispensable as they can make or break how your audience responds to you.

We work with you to establish your brand voice and crystallize your Brand Story, clear-cut USP, Description, Tone, Mission and Vision statement. By solidifying all of these focal elements of your brand, we arm you with a manifesto powerhouse that enhances your brand and increases profitability.

We don’t stop there, we design it into a succinct Brand Voice Guide that you can share with customers, partners, clients and employees in your organization.

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Iconic Campaign Copies

We know how much your brand means to you, so we work relentlessly to craft iconic copies for your marketing campaigns. By first thoroughly understanding your brand, we are able to amplify your voice while staying true to all your brand stands for.

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High conversion website copies

Authority copies and microcopies are essential for your brand’s webpages to come alive, engage the audience and move them to final conversion.

Whether it’s a sales page, product description or a homepage, your website copy is the key that determines whether visitors will deal or flee.

We strategize and craft winning web copies using techniques and approaches that brands and audiences love with a strong emphasis on SEO.

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- You'll grasp the essentials of blog writing

- You'll learn and use The 2-Punch Strategy to make an article "irresistible"

- You'll learn how to optimize content for search engines

- PLUS my 10-Question Checklist and Templates to bring your A-game to blogwriting

Duration: 1 Week




- You'll learn everything in Track 1

- You'll get an insider guide into the world of Email Marketing

- I'll teach you my Pizzaz Recipe that I've used to plan Email Campaigns and craft Email copies that connect, inspire believability and drive results for my clients

- You'll get access to proven email templates, strategies and formulas that unlock great marketing outcomes

Duration: 2 Weeks




- You'll learn everything in Tracks 1 & 2 and get an expert mentorship experience with Adenike Adebowale

- You'll learn the Fundamentals of writing Ad and Social Media Copies that attract, convince and convert

- I'll share my Persuasion Offer Matrix (POM) that I use to craft compelling offers and bring the sauce to my Ad copies

- You'll get access to sessions where Successful freelance writers give real-life insights, answer questions, and share the top strategies that help them secure clients

- PLUS exclusive access to ALL Track Templates & Upwork proposals that landed well-paying jobs.

Duration: 3 Weeks


“Working with Adenike has been very professional and I have enjoyed every bit of it. She expertly uses storytelling to engage our audience. Her copies are continually instrumental in helping us get Leads and turn them into Prospects. I highly recommend her. ”

Sesan Ogunyooye

Head, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Alpha Mead Group.

"Adenike helped me realize that there is a method to quality writing and to develop a mix of creativity and practicality that has helped me get the best out of my writing. I haven't looked back ever since."

Ani Victor

Ani Victor

3 Weeks Can Ignite Your Writing Career.

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