What this Nifty Little Resource Called ‘Fashion Trends’ can do for Your Next Collection

In advertising, there are many ways to get the attention of your potential consumers, one of the most common ways is to “jump on trends”.

Jumping on trends doesn’t necessarily mean doing what others are doing, it means that you could take advantage of what people are enjoying and work with it.

A very good example is the “not today” trend from the popular Game of Thrones series, so many businesses jumped on it and it definitely got them the attention they needed

Sometimes, to successfully launch a product, businesses need to make use of trending topics and styles.

Trends are rare treasures that show where the hearts of the people are; what they enjoy, what they spend time with and what they spend money on.

Let’s take a look at some fashion brands that take advantage of trends to launch their products and see how it has worked so far

                                   RHONKEFELLA COLLECTIONS

Rhonkefella is a fashion designer who is specially skilled in casual fits, and using Ankara prints. She is known to have a good eye for colors, however, that is not all that stands her out.

Rhonkefella sets trends by following trends.

Rhonkefela creates unique ankara styles using trends

She follows subtle trends and then creates her own style from it.

Aware that tastes change and the consumer’s desires and wants never remain the same for long, she has found a way to move with that speed effortlessly. 

You can check hereto see how she creates designs for couples, even though her major target market are ladies, and here to see how she now caters for brides also, even though she started as a casual-ready-to-wear brand.

Rhonkefela creates chic styles using past ankara trends


Style Goes To Church by Detoke is an afrocentric brand with creatively curated pieces that cater for women of all sizes.

One very notable thing about the brand is how it takes advantage of style trends, old or new, in creating its designs

The clothing brand which was launched in october 2016 took advantage of the social media trend at the time to grow.

The Creative director, Adetoke Oluwo, admits in an interview with Silverbird television that “Instagram is a gold mine” as long as you know how to use it.

We see here how she is currently using the old (color block) style trend and recreating it using ankara prints.

Simply put, following trends to launch your products can work for you as long as you can be creative and spontaneous enough to keep up.

You need to acquire the necessary skills to get an excellent job done before expecting good results.

To do this successfully as a brand, you will need to stay current (study your audience and learn their interests) and be a creative genius too.






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