What They Think: Must Your Partner Approve Of Your Fashion Style? 12 Nigerians Say What They Think

Fashion is specific to people. What one person loves and can’t stop talking about or rocking, another might just be indifferent to or even hate. 

Now, when it comes to fashion in a relationship, things might get a bit dicey. One partner might not approve of what the other partner likes to wear and who knows what this might lead to? 

So, we asked Nigerians what they think about their fashion style being subject to consent from their partner. Even though we know the focus on this is mostly directed at females, to make it less streamlined, we asked opinions from both genders 😉. 

Here’s what they shared. 


I don’t know. I think I’d love to be myself but, at the same time, it won’t hurt to get an opinion from my partner. So, as much as I’d love to do me, it’s okay, once in a while, to get his opinion on my style choice. 

Lol. Do I even have a style? I’m conservative. Most of the time, I don’t give a damn about if he approves of my fashion sense or not. He doesn’t have to. Yeah, he can comment on certain fashion pieces but it’s ultimately up to me to wear them or not. 

I won’t feel good if he does not approve of a particular fashion piece but then I still have a choice to make. I would most likely change it for him. But, sometimes, I’m stubborn so it depends on how I feel at that time. Every day is not Christmas so I might change or I might not. 


My fashion style can be described as casual corporate. I love having that look of being in the middle. I really don’t know it’s a must for my partner to approve of my style choice. 

I think it’s quite fine for my partner to have a say about certain fashion pieces I put on, I mean, two heads are better than one. If she does not agree with my style choice it wouldn’t stop me from dressing how I please. I’m comfortable with my style. 

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I’ll describe my style as minimalist urban. And yes, my partner has a say about my style and fashion pieces I put on. 

If my partner does not approve of my style, I would like to hear his views so we can come to an understanding in between.


I’ll describe my style as simple and smart. I think my spouse’s opinion matters when it comes to my style choice. We are different people and our tastes would differ, however, it’s cool to blend with each other’s tastes, it has some effect on the building of friendship and intimacy.

If she does not approve of my style, I will sit down with her and understand what the disagreement is about. If it’s something I can tweak, I do it, if I don’t feel comfortable changing it, she’ll learn to deal with it and feel free to tease me about it. 🥴


My fashion style is moderate/modest. No, my partner doesn’t have to approve of my style choice, but he can suggest or share his opinions with me.

About wearing certain fashion pieces, I think he should have a say, after all, we are in a relationship. If he doesn’t approve of my style, I’ll feel bad about it, but he does not have to approve of it for me to dress the way I want to.

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My fashion style is ‘much conservative’. My partner has her own opinion, but I wouldn’t wear what’s gonna embarrass her. If she doesn’t like it, I’m sure changing it or talking her into liking it. Lol.

Sure she can comment on the pieces I wear. If she doesn’t like my style, there are two options; I talk her into liking it, or I change it. 

Now, she may not like it but be indifferent about it. That means she doesn’t mind. If that is the case, then it’s okay for me to wear it.


I’m all about looking good and presentable but I rarely follow fashion trends. I dress according to my pocket too. Sometimes, I just don’t care whether I dress good or not, I just put on whatever is available or what I’m comfortable with and muuooveee.

I can wear my favourite clothes on a daily, even if the clothes are faded or not appropriate, yeah I’m loyal like that. 😅

My partner does have a say on my fashion style, the way I’m perceived or addressed affects her automatically, so she has a say in how I dress. I’ll even force her to dictate how I dress when going to certain places

If she doesn’t like my style, I’ll try to adjust, though it’ll be difficult, at least we’ll agree on something that’ll be good for both of us.


My style is simple. I believe simplicity is the best form of sophistication. Well, I guess my partner has to approve of it. 

Definitely! She has a say on the fashion pieces I choose to wear. If something is wrong with it, or if she’s seeing something that I ain’t seeing, then I feel she should speak out. 

I really can’t say how I’d react if she does not approve of my fashion choices. It all depends on how she presents it.

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My style is conservative. He does not necessarily have to approve, but we can come to a compromise. If he doesn’t like a piece I wear, he should have a peak up, but I’m not changing my personality.

If he doesn’t like my dress sense, I would ask why and ask him to suggest alternatives, which are all subject to my approval. 🙂


My style is awkward 90’s tech guy or youth pastor. There is no in-between. No, she doesn’t really have to approve if it. My style is too basic for approval to be necessary.

As long as it’s within reason, I’m okay with her having a say about certain pieces I wear. If she’s objecting to my style, I imagine she has something that will look better on me. If she doesn’t, well the flannel federation will march on.


I am very very conservative and mild. I cover up a lot, I love very stylish dresses and outfits but it has to be very decent, I don’t want to embarrass myself or the people around me in a dress that’s too exposing. 

Definitely, I think he should have a say about my style. I also must approve of what my partner wears. I wouldn’t like to go ahead to wear something my partner disapproves, and he also wouldn’t do it to me. I’m not very fashionable tho so it could be saving me a lot if I listen for tips, wouldn’t it? 

I’m very open and opinions on how I dress will always be welcome. I always need opinions on how to dress anyways. For now, my sisters do a great job at it, my hubby will just substitute when he comes. 😅😅😅

If he doesn’t like my style, I’d ask for reasons, if it’s something I can go with, I’d let it go, if not we must come to an agreement, one person must compromise as long as it’s not an issue of indecency or anything like it.

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My style is basic. It is not a must for my partner to approve of it but he does have a say on the fashion pieces I wear say. We have to come to a compromise if he doesn’t like my style.





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