Trends/Throwbacks – Wide Leg Pants

We all know how fashion is sort of recycled, right? How fashion styles from the 20th century just pop back into the fashion scene and become a raging fire? Well, today we’re considering a fashion outfit that seems to be in everyone’s wardrobe now, an outift that people can wear comfortably to any occasion if matched properly. You’re probably wondering what it is by now, right? It’s the wide leg pants!

In case you didn’t know, wide leg pants have been around for a while now, even since the 19200’s but somehow they went out of fashion. They were commonly worn by Asians in the late 1920’s, though they were initially worn by the top-class in the society. So how then did wide leg pants become very common?

After the inception of the pants, they started evolving into two-pieces, that is, they were made with matching blouses or jackets, that were indeed very chic, and this would have definitely caught the eye of different classes of people. At a time also, the wide leg pants evolved into culottes, which are basically wide leg pants that are well above the ankles.

So how can we in Nigeria and Africa at large work this trend to our advantage?

Well, African prints are spreading to different parts of the world and are being appreciated greatly, and we have definitely come across one or two wide leg pants that were designed with African prints.

Wide Leg Pants With African Prints

So, designing wide leg pants with an infusion of African prints, traditional embroidery and other distinct African textiles would definitely be a good market to push out, as well as the fact that it showcases the beauty in African culture and heritage.

Most times, customers just want something different from the norm, something spectacular and the wide leg pants, with a dash of African creativity would definitely be a good trend to embrace.






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