Styles Of The Moment – Wide-Leg Trousers, High Slits, Side Flaps, Criss-Cross Neckline, Peplum Style

Having a variety of styles that can be rocked to different occasions is remarkable as a fashionista. However, certain styles are more in vogue than others, and knowing these styles are some of the advantages a Mauvelli fashionista enjoys!

Here are some styles of the moment that you can infuse in your wardrobe to achieve a statement look.

Wide-Leg Trousers 

Wide leg trousers, also known as boot cut trousers, are ones that are specifically designed to be tight from thigh to knees, then wider from the knees down to the ankle. These pants differ from the norm and when designed with African wax prints or textiles, showcase the beauty and heritage of the African culture.

Wide leg pants can be worn on casual or formal occasions as long as they are paired with the right outfits and accessories. 

High Slits 

It’s amazing how designers come up with styles that beautifully highlight bodily features, such as shoulders in the off-one shoulder style, or legs in the high slit style. Thigh-high slits which allow free movement of the legs, especially in long outfits, are now popular amongst fashion lovers these days.

Thigh-high slits give the appearance of elongated legs while adding an extra form of class and style to the entire look.

Side Flaps 

Plain fabrics are usually the go-to fabrics for male outfits, and often, with basic designs, the outfit looks so stunning! We understand that simplicity is key, but we also believe in spicing things up a bit.

The side flaps are oversized flaps that hang loosely at the sides of the top. Infusing this style in a simple design made with plain fabrics can take the outfit to a 100 real quick, just like we see here. 

Criss-Cross Neckline

Necklines in outfits are meant to serve various purposes, as well as showcase different features. The criss-cross neckline in blouses or dresses is meant to flaunt the shoulders and arms while maintaining an elegant look!

Sometimes, adding a cut-out in the middle gives a bit of sass, fashion designers have created a whole range of outfits with this neckline. Another thing about the criss-cross neckline that makes it special, is the fact that it is unique and can be worn by everyone.

Peplum Style 

A peplum top or dress is one that has a short gathered or pleated strip of fabric attached at the waist, to create a frill or bounce. They are mostly designed to cover the bulge of the lower belly, even as they flare out at that point.

What is amazing about the peplum style is how fashion designers have created a detachable peplum or flare. Detachable peplums are attached to the waist and paired with a simple dress or wax print dress. 






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