Style Of The Moment – Tiered Sleeves, Off-One Shoulder, Striped Outfits, Waist Train, Puffed Sleeves

With the lockdown getting eased off in most parts of the world, many events organizers are bracing up for the season. Although there’s still a restriction on the number of people allowed in a gathering, we have seen people dress up for various occasions – online events, TV shows, and parties.

With our Style Of The Moment column, we bring to you the latest styles taking the fashion industry by storm. Last week, we took a look at the different styles, ranging from melange outfits to deconstructed ones. To see more of that, click here.

Stay tuned, as we present this week’s Style of the Moment!

Tiered Sleeves

Tiered sleeves in women’s outfits are widely worn these days as we’ve seen many people rocking the style. The sleeves of these outfits are sewn in tiers, ranging from 2 to 3 layers, which adds quite a twist to the outfits.

Compared to the conventional long sleeves or short sleeves, we think that the tiered sleeve style is something fashion designers can pitch to their clients and one that customers can add to their wardrobe collection.

Off-One Shoulder

We are probably all familiar with the off-shoulder trend where the outfit’s neckline goes below the shoulders and collar bones such that it reveals the beautiful feature of the shoulders. Then, how about the off-one shoulder look?

This look is the one designers have creatively come up with such that the outfit is seen hanging below one shoulder alone, while the fabric on the other shoulder is sewn the conventional way. 

This style is different from the norm, and it is lovely to see many fashion designers thinking out of the box!

Striped Outfits

Outfits made with striped fabrics are very popular in men’s fashion these days. These fabrics are used to design regular tops and trousers for men, and women fashion designers can channel their creativity to create women’s styles from this fabric.

What we especially love about these outfits is the fact that it can be rocked easily while adding a masculine appeal to the outfit.

Waist Train 

By this style, we don’t mean the style that appears as if one is wearing a waist trainer – to find out more on that look, click here. What we mean is a train attached to an outfit that is firm around the waist, and loose at the end.

In female clothing, a train is a piece of fabric that describes the long back portion of a dress mostly one that trails behind the wearer. In this case, however, the train is at the side, therefore making it unconventional.

Puffed Sleeves 

Apart from the tiered sleeves, we’re seeing in recent times, another variation known as puffed sleeves are becoming quite popular also! Puffed sleeves also known as Victorian sleeves give the wearer the look of defined body shape.

Puffed sleeves are known to be elegant while adding a feminine touch to the outfit. This style that is being rocked by popular celebrities is definitely here to stay!

There you have it, some styles to be infused in your wardrobe!






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