Style Of The Moment – Culottes, Statement Bows, Contrasting Colours, Organza, Capes

If you are one to stay updated on the latest styles and trends being rocked in the Nigeria fashion scene, we definitely rate you as a Mauvelli fashionista! Outfits and the types of fabric used in creating them can change a person’s style game completely, as an outfit boosts one’s confidence level.

We have previously looked at how head wrapsbrown laceadire and many more are now becoming quite popular in the Nigerian fashion scene. So what’s today’s tea? What are some of the styles of the moment that you should catch up on? Well, let’s get down to it.


Culottes are a pair of trousers which are usually knee-length but cut with full legs, such that it even resembles a skirt. Culottes are similar to wide-leg pants because they allow room for movement, hence are very comfortable.

Culottes can be made with all sorts of fabrics, including African wax prints, to turn out beautiful. Despite being voluminous, what we love about this style is how it can be rocked on different sorts of occasions if paired with the right accessories. Culottes can be worn for work or work-related activities, as well as picnic, parties and so on.

Statement Bows

Have you ever had an outfit with a bow that just screams at people? Not to worry, these kind of bows are not scary, they are just strategically placed to make a defining statement.

Statement bows usually cover up to half of the width of an outfit and are placed at the top, middle or side of an outfit. They can be infused in dresses or skirts to give that unique look. Just like in the picture above where a statement bow was used at the end of a high slit to add extra style, statement bows usually stand out and make an outfit look extra stylish.

Contrasting Colours

What is more exciting than using similar colours for an outfit? You guessed it right! Using daring and contrasting colours. Typically, in the colour scheme of fashion, it is advised to use a range of colours within the same family when designing an outfit.

However, just like some of the laws which can be defied, using contrasting colours for an outfit sure turns out good too – at least in some cases. Contrasting colours give that daring and sensational look to an outfit.

Organza Outfits

Organza is simply a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric which is traditionally made from silk. Compared with the chiffon fabric which has a softer and gentler drape, organza is usually shinier and crispier. 

Organza can be used to design a range of outfits such as tops, trousers, or dresses and can even be mixed with other fabrics to achieve a unique look. One thing we love about outfits designed with organza is how they create soft and full silhouettes due to the stiff drape and structure of the fabric.


Adding a cape to an outfit, whether made with the same fabric or a different one, sure gives off a dramatic look. Capes, which are sleeveless outer garments, are designed to drape over the wearer’s back, arms and chest while connecting at the neck.

They can be worn over dresses or regular tops and trousers to achieve that unique look. A cape adds a special charm to the outfit and makes it look chic. 

And we are good to go! Do let us know the styles you will be infusing in your wardrobe.






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