Ripped Jeans: How Ripped Is Too Ripped? Here’s What Nigerians Think

In Nigeria, and all over the world, certain topics in fashion are deemed controversial, with a vast majority of people not agreeing on them. Last week, we looked at controversial topics like Hemlines and necklines: how high is too high, how low is too lowhow much is too much for a wig, and androgynous fashion

This week, we took a look at ripped jeans, the fashion trend that has been around for years. We asked 6 Nigerians if they will wear ripped jeans, what they think of the concept of ripped jeans, and how ripped is too ripped for them. Here are their thoughts;

Femi Baiyekusi

I will wear ripped jeans depending on the area that is ripped. I feel some are very cute and fashionable with not an excessive amount of tears.

If the jeans are more ripped than jeans then it is too much for me. Jeans that have up to 6 or 7 rips are too ripped.

I like it when the rip is near the knee and looks coordinated. I like ripped jeans on ladies with maybe 1 or 2 cuts on them. If one part of the knee is ripped then don’t rip the other knee. 

Also, I like for the rips to be slanted so they are a bit covered by the fabric. For me, my likelihood of buying ripped jeans also depends on the colour of the jeans.

I love it when ripped jeans are paired with blazers, it produces a classy and stylish look. 

Damilare Adesanya

Of course, I can wear ripped jeans, although I don’t at the moment. I think they are stylish and trendy, they also show creativity to an extent.

Ripped jeans go too far when too much skin is showing in sensitive areas for ladies. For guys, when it’s too skinny and yet too ripped its a big turn off.

Ebere Ebere

Yes, I will wear ripped jeans. I think they are stylish and can give you a classy and sassy look if combined well.

The extreme case will be when the jeans are obviously long but ripped so much it looks like rags or shorts. This is too much. 

For me, a few patches on my jean is okay. I usually love to wear them with a long white shirt and heels.

Ayokunle Awokunle

Yes, I will wear ripped jeans as long as it does not look ‘razz’. Some look really nice and some will make you go “What is this”.

However, it’s highly unlikely I use my money to buy one, but if someone should give me one as a gift I’ll definitely rock it, as long as it’s a nice one.

It becomes too ripped when it’s ripped in such a way that it looks unattractive. ✌🏾

Efosa Odia

I don’t wear ripped jeans and I don’t think I ever will because don’t fancy them. The kind of ripped jeans worn by most people is usually revealing, and that does not appeal to me.

For those who like and wear ripped jeans, I think “less is more”. It should not be too revealing.  I will suggest a pair of jeans with thin threads above a patch of cloth. That way, it is sort of ripped but still covering.

Adebukonla Adefulu

Ripped jeans are really not bad because I wear them. Do not wear them to your inlaw’s house though, they will think otherwise, especially if they are Ijebu or typical Nigerian. 

When someone wears torn jeans or rags and call it ripped jeans, that’s the definition of too ripped. When you go to the store to buy ripped jeans, they will show you moderate and nice outfit you will love.

I really don’t think anything about ripped jeans as long as they’re not rags. Some people wear rags and call them ripped jeans.

Ripped jeans have to be minimal and moderate, that way you will be comfortable wearing them. Let them just show some parts of the lap, that’s all. Don’t wear torn jeans and call it ripped jeans.

Most people agree that ripped jeans are not altogether bad but there is a point at which they get too extreme. What are your thoughts about ripped jeans? Please share them with us in the comments section below. 






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