Mauvelli | What Designers Need to Know About Lookbooks, Fashion Photography, and Customer Attraction With Majek

What Designers Need to Know About Lookbooks, Fashion Photography, and Customer Attraction With Majek

April 11, 2020 | by Adenike | 0 Comments

For many designers at Fashion Evolve, this weekend is wrapping up on a very beautiful note, as the Fashion Evolve conference final sessions held today. Fully run online, the conference opened the door to a lot of knowledge, business structures and practices that are very essential to a fashion brand. 

We wrapped up with a panel session that touched on the critical aspects of photoshoots, fashion photography, and lookbooks. These all play a role in the perception, position, and pricing of fashion brands.

Here are the top tips from the session

#1 Most Used form of Fashion Photography 

Having worked with major fashion brands which include Femi Handbags, Tiwa D Tailor, and April by Kumbi, Deji Majek shared that the most common forms of fashion photography that brands use are the editorial photography and lookbooks. 



You can read all about Majek's exclusive with Mauvelli on Lookbooks here.

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#2 Getting the best out of photoshoots

Because every Mauvelli conference focuses on the designer's growth, at Fashion Evolve we asked designers for the challenges they had with photoshoots and we got responses. One of the questions was on how to get the best out of a photoshoot.

People relate with stories, so a photoshoot should tell a story that you want your audience to be a part of. It should be captivating, positive and exude a quality that your audience will want to associate with. 

Bring in the right people, models and all. Work with the right people that will carry your brand well. If it is business, do not shortchange your brand by calling in favors with people, if they will not do a perfect job.

Another key factor, according to Majek, is that creative designers of fashion brands or whoever is in charge of photoshoots must communicate clearly with photographers so they get the desired result. Clearly stating the expectations, the story you want to be told, and the results you want the photoshoot to have will help the photography team use the right approach to deliver the right results.

Perhaps one of the highlights of the session with Majek were these words, 'one shoot will not do the magic, it is the consistency that defines and positions your brand'.

#3 Phones can come in too

It is important to be selective about what goes up on a brand's social media pages. While it is good for the brand to put pictures of customers wearing their products, it is also important to establish a baseline of quality. Customers have to know that there is a level of picture quality that your brand does not go below, that will help to give a standard to your brand and retain quality perception. 

You can do some additional reading on how to keep your fashion brand on the good side of the law in the post below


We got a tax expert to help you figure out how to keep your fashion business on the good side of the law. Read all about it. #mauvelli #tax #fashion

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Quite a lot more was learnt at Fashion Evolve, connect with us on social media to know about our events as they come up.


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