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Modeling is a Tool For Promoting Brands - Queen Joy Adeola, Miss Nigeria Republic.

February 26, 2020 | by Adedewe | 0 Comments

Modeling is a key part of the fashion industry, because of the way it brings fashion products to life. The modeling section of the industry helps fashion brands to showcase their products whether shoes, clothes or bags. This definitely has a positive impact on fashion brands.

Mauvelli had an exclusive chat with a beauty queen who has won two prominent titles so far in her modelling career, Queen Joy Adeola Ogeyingbo.

She is a final year student in Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, the current Miss Nigerian Republic 19/20 and Most Beautiful Girl in Ogun State 19/20.

To better understand how her modelling has positively or negatively impacted the brands she modeled for, we needed a glimpse into who Adeola is.


Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a certified fashion designer, and the CEO of Jaotem Designs.

 I own an ushering outfit. I am a motivational speaker that believes in the power of the mind. I'm an advocate of excellence in all spheres of life. 

From your years of modeling experience, what do you think is the importance of modeling In the fashion industry ?

Modeling simply means to promote, so as long as marketing is important in the fashion Industry, modeling is important. This is because it is a marketing tool that brings out and shows people the value in any fashion product.

Most boutiques make use of mannequins because it helps to project the beauty of the fashion product and style it better. However, models are human and mobile, and that makes it easy to showcase the brand's products.

Would you say that some brands have made more sales because you modeled their works?

Yes very well, within and outside Nigeria. An example of brands I have modeled for is Abril Cercava, a Mexican designer. I model for my fashion brand (Joatem Designs) and I have made more sales and gotten more referrals because I put on outfits made by the brand.

 Why did you start Jaotem? 

I started my brand because I like fashion and also because getting my perfect size and style from the market was always a major issue due to my distinct height and stature. I had to resolve to getting trained as a fashion designer also as a way to meet my own fashion needs.

What do models bring to fashion brands on the runway?

Models add value to the brands by promoting their products. The unique physique and expression of a model is able to draw more attention to outfits they wear. 

Confident models add the most value to fashion brands.



We went on to look at the relationship between models and fashion brands and how it can be improved to get better results. The quality and prestige of a fashion brand helps the career of a model. From Adeola's career journey, it was obvious that featuring in 3 international magazines which included the Red Carpet magazine helped boost her brand as a model.

How can brands get the most from models?

Getting paid well is something that will help models do a better job, according to Adeola. It will also help designers and directors to require the best of performance from modelsl working with their brands.

Another way brands can help models do better is by making outfits and items that actually suit and fit the model properly because that will help to project the outfit better. In whatever way this is possible, brands can ensure that apart from promoting their products alone, the model is promoted as well.

So, what should a fashion brand look out for in getting a face to represent the brand?

Since the fashion industry is not just about clothings alone, the brand’s products will determine the specifications to look out for. Different brands have different perspectives and requirements, sometimes it is based on the size of the model, or how influential the model is.

To round up our chat with the beauty queen, we wanted to know if there was anything she would change in her career if she had to start over. She responded that it would be location; she would start over in a location where models can do much more and be valued much more. According to her, fashion brands can be more productive where models are valued and well remunerated.


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