Pastel Colours for Men

“Pastel Colours Are Cool and Look Good On Men When Blended Well” – What Men Think About Pastel Colours For Clothing

Pastel colours are often seen as girlie colours and this makes many men to shy away from wearing them. For the brave ones, when they do wear the colours, they wear them in moderation. This has made it tricky for fashion designers to decide whether or not to make fashion collections in pastel colours for men can be pretty hard and this puts them in a dilemma.

Pastel colours

To make deciding easier, we asked 5 Nigerian men what they think of pastel colours and if they would wear them. Here’s what they said;

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“They always look nice on men when they are blended well and fashion designers should experiment with them for men’s fashion.” – Isaiah

I think pastel colours are very cool colours. I believe men can wear any colour they want and are comfortable in. For instance, I don’t think I need anyone’s approval to wear a certain colour.

When you blend these colours well they always look nice on men and I think more fashion designers should experiment with them for men’s fashion. I’ve worn pastel colours in the past, and even till now I still have some in my wardrobe.

“It would be nice if fashion designers infuse pastel colours more in their men’s collections.” – Deji

As an artist, I think the colours are very nice to paint with. They have this soothing look and effect. I’ve seen several men in these light colours. In fact, most office shirts are somewhat pastel when you think about it.

Pastel Colours Men

I think pastel colours look good on everybody, but they look best when outside on a sunny day. It would be nice if fashion designers infuse pastel colours more in their men’s collections. I have and I would continue to wear outfits in pastel colours.

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“Since most women wear pastel colours, fashion designers can also make men’s fashion lighter with them.” – Femi

I think the colours are very calm and soothing, they are the type of colours that don’t cause issues. Every time I think pastel I think calmness and peacefulness. Men should sure wear more of these colours, however, I think it should be combined with a bolder colour. For example, a man can wear a pastel coloured shirt with bolder coloured pants. Do a mixture, don’t just wear pastel colours from head to toe, mix it with something.

They look very good on men and I’m even wearing one right now. I think fashion designers should infuse more pastel colours in their collections because most women wear pastel colours and so designers can make it lighter for men too. They are a variety of colours that should be implemented more in men’s fashion.

“Fashion designers should pay attention to infusing these lighter colours in men’s t-shirts that have two or three colours.” – Jake

They are cool colours, I like how they are faded. I have some pastel-coloured shirts that I enjoy wearing.

They absolutely look great on men. I think it should be more common to see them being worn by now especially in shirts when there are like two or three colours. That would be very wonderful. Fashion designers need to pay attention to this.

“The colours should be infused more in men’s collections without being ‘overly’ combined.” – Oselumese

They are cool colours and I love them a lot. Absolutely, I think men should wear pastel colours more often because they look good on men.

Fashion designers should definitely infuse them in their collections. Whether or not I would wear them depend on if they are overly combined or not. I’m good with them when they are not overly combined, but otherwise, I’m not.

Based on their responses, men would love to see more pastel colours in fashion collections for them. As a fashion designer, how you combine them is completely up to you, but make sure that they will make your clients happy. Good luck designing!


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