Not Sure How To Make The Perfect Pitch To Prospective Clients For Your Fashion Business? Here Are Top 5 Tips To Help You

In the world today, especially Africa, there is a rising number of fashion designers, bag makers, shoe makers and other fashion business owners. Therefore, the need for such businesses to stand out, even in the crowd, is very essential.

Due to the fact that the market is very saturated, clients or customers have a whole range of options to choose from. So, why should prospective customers choose your fashion brand? What is that special touch you will add to make them choose your brand? How can you convince them to patronize your brand in order to get good quality products for their money’s worth?

We have put together top 5 tips to help you deliver a great pitch to a prospective customer or client.

What Does It Mean To Pitch?

A sales pitch is a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone of something, with a planned sales presentation strategy of a product or service designed to initiate and close a sale of the product or service. Simply put, with a sales pitch, you should be able to convince your target client or customer to patronise your brand in the shortest time.

Top 5 Tips For A Great Pitch To A Prospective Customer or Client

Understanding Customer’s Needs: Typically, in business, pitches have to be tailored for specific people. For example, the pitch you would deliver to an aspiring investor, should not be exactly the same for a prospective customer; the pitches have to be tailored specifically to suit your purpose.

In this case, in pitching to a prospective client, one needs to be able to identify their needs, focus on them and highlight how your fashion brand can solve them. When you do this, it makes the customers relate well with the idea of the brand amongst other things.

Have An Exciting Introduction: One thing to note is that nobody likes boring talks or speeches. If in the event the introduction of a pitch is boring, or not catchy, the chances that the customers will stay focused are slim. And this is why having an exciting introduction is key. You could start with an exciting story about the brand or perhaps a testimonial from one of your clients.

Highlight Business Aims And Goals: A business aim is simply the goal a business brand plans to achieve. In doing this, it is best to highlight the problems your brand aims to correct, in relation to your prospective customer. Also, stating the solutions which your brand will help to provide makes a pitch great!

State Your Strong Points: In businesses, especially fashion, there would always be competitors. However, in pitching, it is your job to state how you are different from these other competitors; state the uniqueness of your brand; what your brand offers that no other brand does. In doing this, you’d definitely capture the heart of your prospective customers and they may want to patronize you, if only you do it right.

Be Confident: The power of the confidence you give off cannot be overstated. If a pitch is shaky, even before one delivers it, it’s sure that the people you are pitching to, whether investors or customers, would definitely see through it. So you need to be confident, and channel the passion that was used to start the brand to deliver that mind-blowing pitch.

All these are great tips that will definitely help in delivering that next pitch! So hurry now, and take note of them!






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