Money on My Mind Webinar And Other Events To Attend This Week.

Every fashion entrepreneur needs to keep learning. There will always be so much more to know, networking to do, and events to attend.

Your beautiful and creative mind needs to be continually fed so it can grow, blossom and keep serving you. Again, we have put together events that you shouldn’t miss this week, but, before we get started, look at the flier below, read thoroughly, click on it to register, and save the date.

Mauvelli Fashion bootcamp
Mauvelli Fashion bootcamp

Now that we are certain you’ve read that thoroughly, let’s dig in!

Money On My Mind by General Assembly

Money is very important for our day-to-day affairs. So, as a fashion entrepreneur, you need to properly manage your finances to stay in business and out of debt. 

If you are anxious about finances or making the right money moves then this virtual event happening on the 18th of March by 10 am WAT is for you. You will learn how to manage your money and take control of your life. At this event, your mindset would be trained to make the right financial choices for your business. You can click here to register for it.

Future of Fashion

This event was put together by Social Sofa Events, a group of six students from Birmingham City University. It is aimed at helping fashion entrepreneurs get an insight into the fashion industry by bringing together a panel of guest speakers who would be sharing their stories. 

They would be exposing areas of opportunity in the fashion industry and what can come from them. They will also offer insights into how the fashion market has been affected by COVID-19 and ways to move forward, stronger and better. 

This one-hour long event will be accessible through Microsoft Teams on the 18th of March by 5 pm WAT. Register here and get the ticket for free before the event starts.

There will also be a celebration of the success that has come from Birmingham’s fashion market and creators. 

This Year’s Impact on Sustainable Fashion and the Future

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world in more ways than one and fashion is one sector that was hit hard. But, Covid-19 should not derail us on our journey to a perfectly sustainable fashion system. As Covid-19 still tries to compete with fashion, we must grow stronger.

Adalinda believes it’s crucial to patiently observe, strategise and take action to ensure the pandemic does not stop the journey to a perfect sustainable fashion system. For this reason, the CEO, Kristen Pereira, would be leading this discussion on ways to move fashion forward despite the pandemic.

She would be joined by a host of other fashion experts and CEOs. This virtual event will take place on the 19th of March by 12:00pm WAT. Click here to register.

Ask The Fashion Expert

​Angela Quaintrell, the Fashion Consultant and former Head Buyer at Liberty would be anchoring this event. Angela currently works with young designers and growing fashion companies to develop their business models & selling strategies.

If you’re considering setting up a micro-business or startup, or are running one already, this is an opportunity to meet ask those questions you need answers to. Angela would be giving ideas and tips too in case you don’t have the words to your questions.  

Just sit in a comfortable and quiet place and attend this event happening on the 15th of March by 11:00 am WAT. Register here for that.

The Art of Styling With Kate Lagos

LAGOS’ brand stylist, Kate Lagos and Bloomingdale’s Fashion Director, Marissa Galante Frank put together this styling event to show you how to raise the bar when it comes to your business and your style. 

This event features Bloomingdale’s exclusive High Bar Luxe, and LAGOS’ classics. Their fashion experts will particularly touch on areas relating to jewellery styling. Join in on the 18th of March by 7:00 pm. Click here to register beforehand.

There you go! 5 events you do not want to miss this week. Click on the links and start registering.






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