Keeping Up With Your Customers For Better Growth.

As fashion entrepreneurs, every step taken and decision made is done with one person in mind; The consumer. This is because the consumer is the one who determines if your business records sales growth or not. When your customers are pleased and satisfied it usually leads to more awareness and more patronage. On the other hand, a dissatisfied consumer can destroy a brands reputation. This is why customer relation is a skill that must be put in the bag.

Mauvelli has a chat with Omobola Owoeye Esther who is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She runs a fashion outfit, Kwinestaclothings, a fashion brand that deals in the designing and production of bridal outfits and bespoke female designs.
The company is a customer oriented brand whose designs are specially made to suit each client’s body type and need in a way that boosts self-confidence and enhance beauty. The brand believes that each of its client is royalty and treats them as ‘Queens’.

Mauvelli had a chat with Esther concerning how she mange’s her relationship with customers and she shared that her clients are like family to her. She said “We interact and relate with them on a level that has helped us build their trust in the brand and in the services we offer”

How to keep the customers coming back
For her, she does this by creating statement outfits, paying attention to each outfit made and ensuring an unforgettable experience through it for her customers. She established that it is important to pay attention to the desires of the client and make efforts to bring them into being that’s why they keep coming back to make more beautiful outfits.

Customers aren’t always right.
The general notion ‘customers are always right’ might not always apply in the fashion industry. Esther opines that, “as a fashion designer you have to consider the body type, fabrics and some other factors before coming up with a design for your client. In some cases the client might want something entirely different from what you have designed for them (putting into consideration their body type,fabrics and the likes). In situations like this, we just have to go with what our client wants even when we know it might not suit her”.  So the customers might not be right, but their views and how they feel matters”.

An experience with an ‘interesting’ customer and the lessons.

“So there was this customer that came back after 1 year to complain that she couldn’t fit into her dress anymore because she obviously added weight(I mean, it was one year ago oh). She expected us to make another outfit for her at a very reduced price because in her own words “we didn’t let her rock her outfit very well”. What we learnt that day is to always state out our terms and conditions to clients to avoid situations like that in the future.we also learnt to be patient, (very patient as a matter of fact) and also try to be as understanding as possible”.

Managing Customer Relationship
Keeping up with your customers as often as p ossible is very important. For  online customers Kwinesta clothings interacts with them daily via our instagram page, whatsapp and facebook. For their offline customers they interact with them via text messages and calls. Keeping communication with customers helps the brand to be top on the minds of the customer.

Slacks in the industry
Fashion designers in Nigeria now need to work on not disappointing customers, better finishings on the clothings, keeping up with each client and making them feel special.
Putting all these in place will keep them satisfied and cause them to send out positive reviews and keep coming back. Designers can have better sales by investing in relationships built on trust and satisfaction with their customers.Like 0






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