Is Mauvelli going out of business?

Is Mauvelli Going Out Of Business? – Editorial

Normally an editorial comes with the first weekly or monthly publication of a blog or magazine. This one is coming on a Thursday and I feel somewhat whimsical writing it. You have been an esteemed part of the Mauvelli Fashion Business community for a while now and you deserve to know what is going on.

But first, calm down Mauvelli is not going out of business.


Your favourite fashion business education brand is nothing if not a fighter. And even though we paused publishing for about 2 weeks now, we have not forgotten why we started or where we are headed.

You see, the Mauvelli vision is to provide fashion business content and services that will increase the Relevance and Revenue of every fashion brand that partners with us as a client or reads our content. We are still going strong.

Beyond just creating business-changing content, we pour our heart and vision into making sure that each one will go one step further to achieve the goal – which is to help fashion brands grow in Relevance and Revenue.

That’s why in this editorial, I want to share the links to 4 articles that will go a long way in helping you to remain passionate and turn your business up using both positive and negative customer reviews. Let’s go for it.

Negative Customer Reviews

How to get more customer reviews for your business

Word of mouth is gold for a business and when a customer tells someone else how great they think your brand is, it can move mountains in the mind of that ‘someone else’. If you are not getting enough customer reviews, here is a very enlightening post from Mauvelli on how to change that.

Read here: Reviews – 5 Ways To Get Customer Reviews And Increase Sales In Your Fashion Brand

Use Negative customer reviews to get Positive results

When a customer is angry and leaves a scathing review on your business either in person or otherwise, what they have really done is to tell you something that can make your business better.

Here is a surefire way to respond to negative criticisms like a pro, retain the customer and move your business forward.

Covid-19 notwithstanding, your business can get to new heights

When covid-19 hit Nigeria in 2020, we all thought the end had come especially for fashion businesses. Even now, most fashion entrepreneurs are still recovering from its harsh aftershocks to the economy.

Toluwaleye Odunsi of Folabomi House of Fashion
Toluleye Folabomi

Tolu Folabomi, a budding and creative fashion designer shared her story with us about how she used the pressures of covid to start a new line in her fashion business. Her story will inspire you to do greater things as well.

Read it here: “Covid-19 Helped Me Start My Casualwear Line” – Toluwaleye Odunsi Of Folabomi House of Fashion

Get more passion for your fashion business

In this comprehensive post, there are 8 easy-to-use steps that will help you to keep the passion alive in your fashion business. If you are passionate and not tired about something, it is easier to unlock the doors to growth and success in that endeavour. I recommend that you keep this particular article bookmarked for the days that are trying.

Read here: Feel Like Quitting? Here Are 8 Ways To Reignite Your Passion For Your Fashion Business

Reviews are very important to our brand, Mauvelli, as well because it is your opportunity to tell us what we are doing well and what we need to do better in. Will you please take a minute to leave us a review on Google or in the Comments section of this post?

It would mean a lot! Thank you very much.






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