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How To Write Press Release That Puts The Audiences’ Attention On Your New Collection

Releasing a new fashion collection is very exciting. You’ve worked so hard on your collection and you know your pieces are amazing. You want your customers to be as excited about it as you are so you decide to write a press release. The only problem now is you’re not sure how to write it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you with that.

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A fashion press release is a short, professional story directed at the news media for your fashion brand. It announces your new fashion collection in brief detail so they can easily pass it on to their audience and yours too. While learning how to write a press release may seem tasking, it is worth the effort.

Fashion press release

Here are things to help you ace that press release;

1. Craft a Catchy Headline for Your Press Release

An irresistible headline will catch the attention of your readers quickly and set the stage for your press release to be a success. It is the first thing your target audience and any other person that reads that release will see so you must make it worthwhile.

This headline should be something you know that will be appealing to your target audience. This headline should focus on the unique selling point (USP) of that fashion collection. Let it tell your readers something that will excite and spur them on to read. This means writing a headline that will make readers stop what they’re doing and read about the collection.

It is okay and advisable to craft your headline last and to spend a sufficient amount of time doing this. But do not overthink it and end up settling for something that wouldn’t be so great. Pick at your new collection’s uniqueness and let it shine through your headline.

2. Be Specific, Clear, and Concise With Details of Your New Collection

Always be specific when wording your fashion press release. Think of the who, what, when, where, how and why questions of your launch. You know all these details but the editors that will publish your press release do not. You need to give them enough information to let them see that it’s a good idea to tell their readers about your new collection.

The 5 Ws and 1 H of a fashion press release

Answer questions like;

  • What inspired your new collection?
  • Who is the new collection for?
  • Where will the products be available for purchase?
  • What problem does this collection solve?
  • How does the collection fit into your fashion brand’s goals?
  • When will the official launch happen?

All of these will give important details that will interest the editors and your target market. Also, as tempting as it might be to go on and on and on about the collection, don’t. Doing so will bore your readers very quickly. Give as much information as is necessary in as few words as possible. Never overdo it.

You also want to be specific to the editors about when to publish your release.

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3. Be Highly Informative and Interactive with the Press Release

To make your press release more useful to editors and your readers, provide all the needed information throughout your press release. Give so much information that they won’t have to go elsewhere to search for more. This means being as specific as possible with your 5 Ws.

Although your release should be professional, you also want to make it fun and interactive too. Channel your brand personality and voice into the release and let your audience feel like you are truly talking to them. Give your press release a bit of colour to give it an edge over all others.

In being informative with your release, write the most important details first. This is so your readers don’t miss out on the point right from the beginning.

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4. Provide Quotable Quotes In the Press Release

Quotes make your press release more human and add some personality to it. They give your release a human touch and endear people to it. They also give your story extra validity.

Fashion quotable quotes

This quote could be from you, the creative director of the brand or an expert, relevant brand ambassador or influencer, providing further insight into the collection. This makes it easy for journalists to quote you. Make sure to keep your quotes short.

5. Make the Release Visually Exciting

Fashion is visual. People get drawn to or repelled by what they see in various fashion brands. Your look and visual appeal are highly important in the fashion industry. The images of your fashion collection can excite, stir up emotions, and tell a story. Use this to your advantage.

Use the best image at the top of your press release to snag attention. You can decide to use the images from your lookbook because they are most likely the best you have of the collection. Also, keep your image quality great to give your viewers the best views of your products. Rely on your good fashion sense and trust your better judgement in picking images for your release.

6. Provide Boilerplate Information at the End of Your Press Release

Finally, always provide boilerplate information at the end of your release. Boilerplate information is a standardised breakdown of who you are, what you do, and where people can reach you. It tells the basic details of your fashion brand to people at a glance.

To give journalists a better understanding of your brand, this information is needed. It should contain a bit of background information on your brand, your first and last names, your website, a phone number, and an email address. You can also include your social media handles if need be.

Once you have put all this in place, go over your press release and proofread it. Get someone else to also proofread it for you just to make sure everything is in place. Your press release should look and sound professional and should stand out from the crowd. All of this helps make sure your press release is not overlooked by editors.

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