How Much Does It Cost To Sew A Wedding Dress?

Do you wonder why fashion customers name the prices they do for the designs they ask for? Sometimes, it just beats designers when people attach prices to items, as if the designer should make it for free.

However, sometimes, customers are surprised at how much brands sell some of their merchandise!

We talked to a couple of fashion customers and asked them how much they thought a bridal dress should go for. As you can guess, we got a lot of interesting and conflicting answers that will help you know more about how people percieve prices of bridal wears.

Just in case you ever wondered how cheap or expensive it is to purchase a wedding dress, either ready-made or sewn from scratch, these answers below will give you some ideas.

How much does/should it cost to sew a bridal dress?

According to Olufunmi, a middle-aged married woman, the price of a wedding dress should depend on the style and spending capacity of the customer.

Buying a wedding dress in Nigeria depends on a lot of factors; the designer, fabric used and a lot of other things’, she said. However, my opinion is that a wedding dress of good standard should be around #50,000 to #100,000.

Olufunmi Ajayi

There is a differing opinion coming right up!

Nike is quite young, in the range of 25 to 30 years, and she said that sewing a wedding dress should just be around #25,000. A bit shocking, right? She also stated that depending on the quality of the material used for the dress, the price may be subject to change.

To sew a wedding dress should be around #25,000.

Nike Ademola

This wedding dress was made by May Coutures

Bidemi, is a newly-married woman and she gave her opinion. According to her, sewing a wedding dress should be around #50,000.

This price also depends on if the customer would be providing the material for the dress, or not. The quality and quantity of the material used is also another factor to consider, but, #50,000 is my go-to price.

Bidemi Adejumo

Nifemi, a classy babe as her response will soon show, said, ‘Purchasing or sewing a wedding dress is a huge deal in this country and a whole lot of things have to be considered.’

The length of the train, whether it would be detachable or not, the fashion designer, are some of the important factors to consider. Basically, about #500,000 to 1 million naira should be sufficient.

Nifemi Fadugbabge

Kemi, a much older married woman in her 50s, has seen and experienced the increase in wedding dress prices over the years. She had something different to say.

The cost of a wedding dress depends on the financial capacity and level of the customer, the different fabrics used also determine the overall price.Generally, For a wedding dress of good to high standard, the cost should be about #150,000 to #350,000, while for customers trying to cut cost, it should be around #30,000.

Kemi Fadugbabgbe

Apparently, Haleemah Adio, also agrees with what Kemi had to say on this issue. She thinks that the cost of a wedding dress depends on the fabric and embellishments used for the dress, the taste of the customer and the fashion designer that makes it.

So there you have it, those are some of the opinions people have on the cost of a wedding dress. We also believe that the cost of a wedding dress depends on a lot of factors; the fashion designer, fashion style of the customer, type of fabric used, whether lace, satin, or organza and the likes, the financial capacity of the customer, and many more!

But, what do you think? How much do you think it costs to sew a wedding dress? Let’s hear you in the comment section below.






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