Here’s How You Can Use The Off-Shoulder Trend To Your Advantage In African Fashion.

Did you know that the off-shoulder trend has been in existence since the 19th century? It was a popular trend that was rocked among wealthy and influential people, who were the height of fashion, in the mid-1800’s.

Off-shoulder, also known as power shoulder, outfits are ones with significantly lower necklines which usually go below the shoulders and collar bones. In the usual fashion of off-shoulder outfits, they usually go over the arms, such that the arms are covered by the fabrics at the top. However, for sleeveless off-shoulder outfits, the fabrics go under the arms. Either ways, off-shoulder outfits were created to highlight the shoulders and neck of clients.

Off-shoulder outfits made with African prints are not uncommon these days, as the trend is becoming famous in the African fashion scene. The trend is commonly seen in regular tops and simple dresses, but there are definitely other ways in which the style can be sewn or worn.

Instead of following the norm of making regular off-shoulder dress, infusing the Victorian sleeves trend will definitely make the outfit pop more. Outfits with Victorian sleeves are known to give off a distinct aura of elegance, with a dash of class, and normalising off-shoulder outfits with them will be a good choice.

Did you also know that high slits are now back in the African fashion scene with a bang? So, off-shoulder dresses with high slits? Are you in my line of thoughts? If you are, you will agree with me that the combination of these trends would definitely spark! So, why not ditch the regular dresses for a daring touch?

Also, tube tops, (a variation of off-shoulder outfits) which are sleeveless, shoulderless tops that wrap around the upper torso have been noticed, of late, to be designed using African prints, which is quite creative.

The off-shoulder trend on jumpsuits and two-pieces will surely be a good addition to the regular outfits, as variety is truly the spice of life.

Various celebrities have been seen rocking this trend, including Sharon Ooja, Bisola Aiyeola, and many more. We must say kudos to fashion designers for coming up with amazing designs to fit this trend.

With the off-shoulder trend, you get that elegant, classy and fitted look, without having to worry about your dress coming off.






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