Here’s How Fashion, Tech Companies Amongst Others Are Lending Their Voices To The #ENDSARS Movement

 The fashion styles of people vary according to their age, sex or perhaps momentary location. In Nigeria currently, the youth are protesting to end a unit of the government whose officers take advantage of the various fashion styles of these youth, such as dreadlocks, ripped jeans, and many more to extort and harass them.

This #ENDSARS movement was birthed from a need to end the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, by the Federal Government, because of numerous atrocities that have been reported by the youth. Due to this movement, many fashion brands and fashion entrepreneurs have not been able to publicize their products, churn out relevant content to boost sales, and many more.

However, this has not stopped fashion brands and tech companies from helping this movement out in their ways. 

Monetary Support

As much as this protest was birthed mainly to communicate grievances to the Nigerian government by the youth, many individuals and brands have now contributed their money, time, and energy to this cause.

Flutterwave, a fintech company that makes it easy for people in Africa, and all over the world, to send and accept payment online, was the initial method of money collection, at least before troubles were encountered with the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN. It was reported by a twitter user that CBN summoned Flutterwave to ascertain that the monetary support was not gotten from a terrorist group.

We’ve raised 2m so far, and the team decided to open it up to the public. 

We are 100% against all forms of violence & brutality and we need to band together to put an end to this.

You can join the donation here – #EndSars — GB 🦋 (@TechProd_Arch) October 9, 2020

However, Tunde Lemo, the chairman of Flutterwave debunked this claim saying he directed the suspension of the fintech firm’s payment platform.

Other financial and technology companies such as PiggyVest, Product Dive, Andela, and The Money Africa have also lent their voices to the movement in terms of monetary support, larger audience reach, and so on.

Ground Support

Asides from the monetary support protesters all over the country are getting, other brands and people have dipped into their accounts for this cause. A Twitter user once offered to provide sunglasses for people protesting around a particular area in a bid to protect their eyes from UV rays.

I need a shades plug. People need to have their eyes protected during these protests, if you have a plug that sells in bulk and is affordable, please dm me. — END SARS!!! (@Osastheking) October 11, 2020

Other groups, entrepreneurs, and brands such as the Feminist Coalition, Hairlinersng, and Anita Vams who is a perfume oil and diffuser seller on Twitter, have also come together to pull individual resources to deliver and provide all other resources needed by the protesters.

Protest, But Make It Fashionable?

One thing the Nigerian youths know how to do best is multitasking, if the events of the past few days are considered. Asides protesting and making demands known to the government, we have also seen how people have stormed to these protest grounds in fashionable clothing.

From modest clothing to streetwear, and even formal clothing, many protesters have taken to the streets of Nigeria while carrying placards, signposts, and the likes.

Influencing Fashion And People

As they all say, there is strength in numbers and this has mainly been the core of these protests. Many fashion and style influencers have taken to their social media pages, not minding disrupting their feed aesthetics to express their stance in the #ENDSARS movement.

Twitter users have repeatedly called out style influencers, whether in Nigeria or diaspora, who are not willing to use their medium to speak for the movement, instead only using Nigerians for when they deem it comfortable.

View this post on Instagram

Na who dey alive dey smell good #sarsmustend #endswat #endpolicebrutality

A post shared by Perfume oil | EDP | 13 Scents (@13.scents) on Oct 14, 2020 at 12:14am PDT

Whether or not they have their reasons, influencers such as Tomike Adeoye, Akin Faminu, and others have shared the aim of the movement and perhaps convinced their audience to show up and stand for the movement.

The #ENDSARS movement which was birthed in Twitter is one that has transcended over various regions including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, and many more, and depending on the response and action taken by the government, the youth seem to be unshakable. ​






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