Here’s All You Need To Know About The Fringe Style And How You Can Infuse It Into Your Fashion Brand

Sometimes, outfits tend to have a boring look if they’re styled the conventional way, without additional embellishments, ornaments or decorations. That’s why the fringe is considered an exciting look since it deviates from the conventional way of styling to something new, fun and different. But, what is a fringe?

A fringe is a decoration applied to outfits and accessories in such a way that it is applied to the edge of a textile trim. It is a border of hanging threads, cords or strips which are either left loose or formed into tassels or twists.

The fringe decoration became popular in outfits in the 1920’s, especially in the flapper look. To achieve the flapper look, the dresses were usually above the knee, so the fringe was used to add extra length to the dress in a stylish way.

Fringe in outfits have become increasingly popular in Africa, as they are used in dresses, jackets, tops and skirts. Accessories are not left behind either, as bags, shoes and earrings are also known to have the fringe effect.

Lots of celebrities here have rocked the fringe style on dresses effortlessly, like Idia Aisien and Sharon Ooja.

In dresses, the fringe is either located at the hem of the dress below, the front of the dress, or the front and back of the dress. Pairing with the right accessories gives the person wearing it a very sleek look.

How about skirts?

One thing we love about fashion is how designers are able to come up with different creative ideas, such that the outfits stand out. In skirts also, the fringe could be located at the hem of the garment, throughout the length of the skirt, but one style we particularly love is when the fringe is designed diagonally at the front of the skirt. It always gives off a classy look.

That’s not all.

The fringe trend is also featured in earrings, bags, and other accessories too. Depending on the creativity and style of the designer, the fringe, whether twisted, tasseled or left loose, can be located at any point of the accessory.

So as a fashion designer, have you been infusing the fringe trend in your collection ? Have you been putting it out to your customers, so they can stay updated on the latest trends and styles? Well, doing that would surely give your brand an edge in the fashion world.

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