Here’s All You Need To Know About The Cascador 2020 Program For Fashion Entrepreneurs

As a fashion business owner, asides from producing and marketing your products and services, it is important to take out time to attend events or seminars that can scale your business to another level. Because the world and industries, including the fashion industry, are ever-changing, it is important as entrepreneurs to stay glued to the latest trends.

The Cascador Program is an initiative with the mission of helping mid-stage entrepreneurs, from all industries, grow their businesses. The organisers of the Cascador 2020 Program, which includes Verraki Ventures, Verod Capital Management, and Lagos Business School are now accepting applications. Here’s all you need to know about it.

About The Cascador 2020 Program

The Cascador 2020 Program is a 5-day program slated to run from November 9-13. The program is an intensive, and in-depth examination of business skills, interpersonal skills, business plans and many more, all targeted for mid-stage entrepreneurs, including fashion entrepreneurs.

With the theme, Scaling Your Business, they aim to tackle the problems and opportunities that your business addresses. Some of the mentors and speakers for the program include David Delucia, an American biotech entrepreneur with over 120,000,000 USD revenue; Chidi Okoro, Former CEO of GSK Nigeria; Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, the co-founder of Andela and Flutterwave, and many more.

Application Process 

The Cascador 2020 Program is open to mid-stage entrepreneurs, from all industries, with at least 2 years of operational experience. The business owner must also be open to personal development while receiving and giving constructive feedback.

With respect to the fashion designing now, full details regarding you and your fashion brand would have to be provided during the application process, details like your target audience, number of staff, and so on. In a bid to be familiar with the financial standing of the fashion brand, questions around the finances of the fashion brand would have to be answered. Some of which is the amount of capital raised over the years, source of capital raised and so on.

As an entrepreneur, you would also have to share the short-term and long-term goals, of both yourself and your brand, during the application process.


The Cascador 2020 Program is all-expense-paid. What this means is that the cost of the housing, as well as, the cost for attending the program itself is all covered by the Cascador Team.

However, successful applicants have to pay a refundable sum of money to secure a spot at the program without hitches.

Successful applicants also get access to 6 months of follow-up support from the faculty, which features various experts from business, marketing, sales and so on. This follow-up support helps to provide business owners with all the help and motivation needed to implement new business plans and skills.

If you’re interested in growing your business and interpersonal skills by working with successful Nigerian and American entrepreneurs, click here to apply for The Cascador 2020 Program.






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