Here, Designers, are 4 Fashion-Tech Trends you can Use to Scale your Business in 2020 and Beyond

The last decade saw fashion brands and designers use new technologies to help scale their fashion businesses.

From design and production, to the model of sale, technology has so infused itself into day-to-day fashion that it is almost impossible for a designer to be left out.

However, many Nigerian and African designers are still being left out.

The African Fashion industry is worth billions, this is buoyed by the recent and growing recognition on the global stage. If African fashion designers are to breakout, we need to tap into the opportunities provided by technology. This is because the tech revolution will only grow more this year, and decade, we can get our brands ready and move with the tech.

Here are some of the ways you as a designer, fashion brand can leverage tech for your business going forward.

Data Analytics

It’s one thing to be a good designer, it’s another to know what your clients need. As fashion designers, you must know how to process your items, if you need to increase them or reduce them based on demands. Data Analytics is one tool that can help you with these.

You might say, “yeah, I’ve always had my way of doing this and analyzing data“.

With the expanse of data available currently from social media, apps or other online websites, consumers pattern of shopping (online and offline), and how to focus your advertisement; there’s so much potential data analytics can add to your business. This gives you the competitive edge over others, and keeps customers walking through your doors.

Artificial Intelligence

Simply put, Artificial intelligence means computers doing the work of humans – better and easier.

These days fashion designers are using AI to help improve the efficiency of manufacturing processes and augment human textile employees. 

With AI systems, designers can detect faults in cloths and match up colours. So don’t wait until that client returns the clothes for defects, spot them earlier.

Augmented Reality

Imagine giving your clients a chance to try out a product even before they proceed to buy. Sounds futuristic right? Not really. With Augmented reality you can give your clients a feel of what they will experience if they get your designs or what they will experience if they come around to your shop.This is one way to make your store the first choice that comes to client’s mind when they want to make fashion purchases.

Already, global brands like Gucci let customers try on its Ace sneakers through augmented reality, Louis Vuitton is another brand to have used the feature.

Of course, it might not have caught on massively, yet, it’s still a good trend to look at. Just think of it as a Snapchat film but for fashion.

Virtual Designs

For long, most designers have always depended on the conventional method of making sketches of designs on paper. But by creating the necessary details of your virtual model/client (avatar) and your designs, you can give your clients a feel of what their designs will look like when you are done.

And they are several 3D modelling software that could allow you do this, like Clo3D, and with a few tutorials or spending on a professional, you can give yourself that edge.

Put Your Business Online

This is not really a new trend, but the fact that it is very important gives it a slot on this listicle. The world is going digital and you can’t afford to be left out.

Personally, I can count the times I’ve been to a physical space to shop for fashion products. This is because there are lots of brands offering me what I want, which I can order for without having to leave my home.

In 2019, people spent $620.1 billion on Fashion and Beauty items online.

Put your business out there, create a digital presence for your brand, advertise online and tap into the goldmine tech offers fashion.






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