Hemlines And Necklines: How High Is Too High, How Low Is Too Low? 8 Nigerians Share Their Takes

Every individual has their preference when it comes to the necklines and hemlines of the outfits they wear. While some are conservative with their choice of clothes, others are pretty radical and all out there. 

For the next few weeks, in our ‘Controversial Topics in Fashion’ series, we will be sharing with you the opinions of various Nigerians on different topics that are deemed controversial in fashion. 

To kick start the series, we asked 8 Nigerians about their opinions on ‘how low is too low’ for necklines and ‘how high is too high’ for hemlines of dresses and skirts for them. Here’s what they shared with us;

Rubee and Pearl Agwu

The twin sensation, Rubee and Pearl Agwu of Gemstones were the first to share their opinion with us;

1. Rubee: Off-shoulder necklines are it for me. When it comes to how low my neckline goes, it really depends on the style. I’d say for a regular Tshirt, I’d like for my shoulder blades to show. But as little cleavage as possible.

For mini skirts, I’m fine with a high hemline. Right above my knee. For tight skirts, below the knee or calf length. 

For loose skirts, I like my slits high, depending on the occasion. I’d say I like a side slit that shows some leg but is below mid-thigh level. For tight skirts, the usual back slit is fine.

2. Pearl: Off-shoulders are my go-to necklines. Any neckline that shows cleavage is too low for me.

If I’m wearing a flared skirt or dress, above the knee lengths works for me, if it’s pencil, mid-calf works best for me.

For slits, it really depends on the outfit style. I prefer it on the side, though.

3. Boluwatife Fadugbagbe

Personally, I prefer sweetheart necklines and deep v-necklines. The depth of my neckline really depends on the occasion I would like to wear the outfit to. If it’s to work or any other formal setting, it should not be too deep.

However, for parties and all these casual occasions, it can even go as low as the belly region.

I think scoop necklines are okay. They are mostly used for casual designs like tops and the likes, and they go well with jeans, pant trousers etc.

For my dresses and skirts, I always prefer the hemlines to be above the knee because I just feel more comfortable in them. Occasionally, though, for fancy dinners and all of that, I may decide to go with an outfit with a hemline that goes below my knees.

I mostly prefer side or front slits, if at all. I like showing off my legs especially when I wear heels, so these slits are my preferred options 😅.

4. Seun Olawale

Intermediate necklines are my neckline preference, that is, it should not be too low or too high. But this depends on the weather for me. I prefer turtleneck in winter. 

Hemlines should be an inch or two below knee level and slits should be at the side or back. 

5. Adenike Adeoye

My preferred neckline would be sweetheart neckline. Any neckline that is approaching my underbust and waist is too low and any hemline that is immediately after my buttocks is too high.

For front and side slits, nothing is too high for me, but we can consider anything above hipline too high. And for back slits, anything 6 inches above my knee is high.

The guys were also not left out on this one. Here’s what they think;

6. Falua Akinyemi

I honestly feel like a lady’s outfit should be her decision. I can’t really say I like this or that, although a reference to my taste might not be bad. I just wanted to put this out there.

I have no preferred neckline especially when a girl has boobs. Anything is okay for me, although, I prefer outfits that are not armless, so, I don’t really feel comfortable around all those off-shoulder or strapless sweetheart necklines lol.

V-necklines are not bad, they are a soft reminder that ‘I’ve got it still here baby’, they just have a way it makes me look at her.

For slits, I really love them front slits. When it’s at the back it’s cute but most times they overdo it so it becomes pretty chaotic otherwise a good slit right in front to the laps is very sweet.

7. Adedeji Adeniji

I think any basic neckline is fine. For t-shirts, however, the crew neckline it is for me, there’s no need for people to see your collar bones. A standard v-neck is already pushing things as far as I’m concerned unless your chest can shred yam.

I think once a hemline gets more than halfway between the knees and the hips then it is a problem. Like in terms of practicality. 

I have seen some thigh-high slits and the slightest breeze will topple your empire. I think I’ve only seen side slits so that’s what I’ll go with.

8. Ebuka Amuzie

When it comes to necklines, for dinner parties I like when a lady shows a lot of cleavage but the neckline should not be so low as to reach the belly region. For formal wear, I think it is only appropriate to have a neckline that doesn’t show any cleavage at all.

For regular outfits, I like skirt and dress lengths to be just above the knee, but when it comes to party outfits, they can go as high as the upper thigh region. I like mini skirts when the girl has a big behind, but for others, skirt lengths above the knee are fine.

I like slits at the front, I find them to be extra sexy. Slits for party outfits can be as high as mid-thigh for me.






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