Business Growth Funnels, Instagram Marketing, And Other Valuable Webinars You Can Attend This Week

Attending events as a brand owner brings value, whether in terms of managing or running the brand, mental health, or perhaps personal branding. In the fashion industry, all over the world, events are organised to showcase products, learn key tactics, as well as interact with top professionals and experts in the industry.

Just like we usually do, we have compiled a list of events happening this week that can be beneficial to you as a fashion entrepreneur. 

Business Growth Funnels

Fashion Technology Accelerator is a business accelerator for companies at the intersection between fashion and technology, and they are the organisers of this event. By working with SMEs, their main goal is to help them boost their value through a significant increase in sales.

This event would be hosted by Marco Filocamo, a seasoned startup operations specialist and business analyst. He would be discussing on how to define and use correctly the most relevant growth indicators for a company. Key Performance Indicators would also be discussed, and how to put them to work to have a correct strategy.

This event is happening on September 10 by 8:30 am. You can click here to register.

Instagram Marketing: Simple And Authentic Strategy

Social Media marketing is one of the forms of marketing that a brand owner can use to market and showcase their products to a larger audience. This webinar is designed to teach brand owners, including fashion brand owners, a simple strategy for building a loyal audience on Instagram using authentic content.

The webinar would be taken by George Kao, a business coach who champions integrity in marketing, and it would address how to plan a video strategy, considering Live Video and IGTV. The webinar would also cover how Instagram stories relate to profile highlights, and how it can translate to more customers for the brand.

The event is slated to hold on September 8 by 9 pm, and you can click here to register.

Build Resilience In Your Teams

In a team or brand, resilient people tend to be more motivated, they build better working relationships and are less likely to suffer from low morale. This is one of the reasons why brand owners or team leaders need to build resilience in their teams.

This webinar is organised to bring brand owners, leaders and many more together to learn about and reflect on new research from Dale Carnegie and others in workplace resilience.

Happening on September 9 by 2 pm, you can click here to register.

Sustainable Beauty Businesses

Sustainability in the fashion industry goes beyond using sustainable materials like organic cotton and raffia to make products. In the beauty industry, sustainability involves all the products and packaging used in delivering premium beauty products.

This event is organised by Blomma Beauty, an organic or sustainable beauty brand, to discuss all the sustainable business practices in the beauty industry. Participants would also learn how to ensure ingredients and packaging are sourced sustainably.

This event is holding on September 9 by 8 pm. You can click here to register.

Resilience In The Time Of COVID-19

Sustainable Fashion Alliance is an online platform and community for sustainable entrepreneurs and creatives, and they are the organisers of this webinar. This webinar is designed to feature and host 3 sustainable fashion entrepreneurs who are bringing their businesses into the new normal.

Rachel Faller, the founder of Tonle, an ethical fashion brand, Taylor Jay, as well as Amy Kuschel, would be discussing how they have been able to stay resilient amidst the largest economic downturn in history. They would also be discussing how they have been able to make it work in their respective fashion brands.

Happening on September 11 by 8 pm, you can click here to register.

These are some of the events happening this week that you can benefit from as a fashion entrepreneur.






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