Because our fashion poll showed that most people can’t do without lip gloss, here are top tips to get the best with lip gloss!

Last week, we did a poll on Twitter in an attempt to understand what fashion items people can not do without when it comes to makeup. Though that poll was targeted at the ladies, we have more polls coming up for fashionable gentlemen to be a part of.

The poll had four fashion items which are listed below

  • Lip gloss
  • Eye liner
  • Lipstick
  • Foundation

Out of the 16 people that responded to the poll, 75% said they would choose lip gloss anytime. 13% selected Lipstick, and 6% each selected Eye liner and Foundation respectively.

Poll of the week. 😎

Which of these makeup items can you not do without?— Mauvelli (@Mauvelli) March 9, 2020

Since lip gloss won the poll, here are some tricks and treats to better apply a lip gloss

1. Smoothen your lips

Getting your lips smoothened out before laying on a coat of gloss is the first thing you should do. You can do this by rubbing your lips with a damp washcloth, or by using a sugar scrub. If you like DIY tips, then you can mix sugar and oils together. The sugar should preferably be brown sugar and the oils can be a mixture of coconut, almond or olive.

If you are using a sugar scrub, massage it gently into your lips with your fingers for a minute then rinse it off. If you do not like DIY however, you can pick up a bottle of Royal glow organic lip scrub, or some other lip scrub and use.

2. Work the center

The center of the bottom lip is an important place when applying lip gloss. This spreads the glossy sheen proportionately over your lips when you rub them together. It also makes sure you don’t have too much gloss on from end to end. However, if you want much more sheen than that gives you, you can apply the gloss to your bottom lip and then rub both lips together to spread the love around.

Using a lip liner is essential, especially if you do not want your lip gloss to bleed after sometime. Use a lip liner that matches your lip tone to create a good base before filling your lips.

Lip gloss can give your lips some extra fullness if you want. What you have to do is to line your lips outside the natural lip line and then apply the gloss on your lips. 

We hope you can step up your lip gloss game with these tips from Mauvelli. Our poll for this week is already ongoing, you can be a part by picking an answer to the very interesting question for this week.

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