Are High Slits The Next Trending Style In African Fashion?

As you may already know, in outfits like dresses and skirts, slits are sometimes necessary. A slit is a long narrow cut or opening in an outfit. The length of the slit usually depends on the style of the outfit, preference of the customer and the creativity of the fashion designer.

Slits can be positioned anywhere in an outfit, but they are commonly positoned at the back of outfits. In recent times, however, we have seen a lot of fashion designers play around with slits, and we must say that the looks are quite fabulous.

From side slits, to front slits on dresses, skirts, and even trousers, fashion designers are gradually moving away from the norm of back slits. Although the main purpose of slits in outfits, which is to allow free movement of the legs, especially in long outfits, has not been shunned, slits are now adding an extra form of style and class to outfits these days.

Although thigh-high slits are very popular in dresses, as we’ve seen lots of popular celebrities rocking them, what is not very common these days are slits in trousers. Yes, you read that right; slits in trousers!

One might wonder what the purpose of a slit in a pair of trouser is since the legs are basically free to move around. But like we mentioned earlier, slits are gradually moving away from just being an aid to ease movement to being a stylish trend. The slits can be thigh-high or simple and short depending on the taste and style of the client.

There are other ways in which slits can be rocked. In skirts, the slits can come in the front, and paired with the right top and proper accesories, the look can go for a casual or a formal look.

As a fashion designer, it’s always best to add some spice and sizzle to your brand, and creating designs that feature new trends would definitely put your fashion brand on a good radar.






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