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4 Ways Fashion Brands Are Using Clubhouse To Get Results

Yesterday, Clubhouse finally launched an Android version of the app. Still in the beta version, the app is currently available in the US and will gradually move to other countries. Fashion entrepreneurs have been using it to scale their businesses and you can too. We will explore how in this post.

According to the company, the most frequent request has been to have Clubhouse on Android. So, the company began developing the Android app early this year and started to test the beta version this month. Access is still limited but if you have an iOS phone or want to know how to include Clubhouse in your business growth strategy, then read on. This is for you.

Ways to Use Clubhouse to Get Results for Your Fashion Brand

Clubhouse’s new android version means more fashion entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of the app in diverse ways for their brands. Here are 5 ways to use the app for your fashion brand to get results;

1. Make Important Announcements

Being an audio-based social network, fashion entrepreneurs can use the app to make important announcements. Since audio is one of the best means to connect with people, fashion brands can announce collection launches on Clubhouse.

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In conversations surrounding fashion, fashion entrepreneurs can take out the time to describe their collections in detail, creating a desire for them in their clients.

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2. Show Your Level of Expertise

As a fashion entrepreneur, you can join and contribute to conversations around fashion wherever your target audience is. This will help to show your expertise in the field and possibly gain new clients. These conversations can be on anything from how to build a brand to the best customer service practices that you have used personally.

By joining a room or conversation with other bigger fashion brands, you can make your voice heard. Clubhouse provides an opportunity for brands to say what their brand is about without the use of an image. This means that brands can share their story in a very authentic way and connect without bothering with graphics.

3. Build an Intimate Community with Clients

Brands can use the app to build a more intimate relationship with their clients by fostering community. By inviting clients to join the app and drop-in conversations that are initiated by the brand, you can form a strong bond with them. Here, you can also discuss ways that you can better serve your clients.

4. Learn About Your Target Market

As a business person, joining conversations or rooms where a vast majority of your target market is can give you an insight into their minds. It can open your eyes to what they think, feel and want. This, in turn, helps you to know how to serve them better. Based on the things they say, you can learn new ways to solve their problems with your brand.

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