5 Makeup Artistes Share Safety Measures They Employ When Working with Strangers

Generally, in the creative industry, entrepreneurs face a lot of dangers and challenges which could, in turn, lead to loss of lives or property. On social media last week, there was a lot of buzz around a popular makeup artiste in Enugu who was found dead at a bus stop after she was booked for a job by an unknown person.

I still cant wrap my head around the fact that a small business owner, a make up artiste gets a request for her services, goes to meet up with her client, as many in her shoes have always done. Then boom! She ends up dead with her face bathed in Acid. Such evil!!! — Ayomaria® (@_paulodunayo) November 17, 2020

In light of this, we spoke to several makeup artists on some of the challenges and dangers they face in their business, and measures they take to avoid them.

1. Kemisola Isijola

Kemisola Isijola is a makeup artist, and the owner of a makeup and skincare store, Pulchritude Hut. She mainly does special effects, face painting and tutorials in her brand.

Concerning doing home services in her brand that doesn’t come from referrals, she had this to share,

“Before I go for any home service, I confirm payment first because I feel they would have something at stake, so the clients can’t be too dubious or fraudulent.”

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And to ensure her safety,

“Before I go for any service, I verify the locations or locate popular bus stops. If I don’t know the location, I don’t go for such services. Then, I usually take someone along for home services.”

2. Wuraola Komolafe 

Wuraola Komolafe of Glam By Miella is a makeup artist that does makeup services for bridal events, photoshoots, special effects and many more. Regarding rendering home services,

“Sometimes, it’s the uncertainty really, and going to a stranger’s house is a risk. You don’t know who the person is and what they can do, so you face the risk of being kidnapped, assaulted, injured or killed.”

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So, what measures does she take to ensure her safety? Here’s what she shared with us,

“If the client is a stranger, not a referral, I try to persuade them to come to the studio if they can. If they can’t, I sometimes ask for their social media handles and do a little background check. I also go with my assistant or sister if the person is a stranger. Then, I share my live location with emergency contacts via WhatsApp so they can track me if I’m not sure about the client or the place.”

3. Endurance Ogunwehinmi

Endurance Ogunwehinmi is the creative director of Touch Of Becca, a brand that renders bridal, editorial and themed makeup services for clients. Although she gets most of her clients through referrals, she had this to share regarding rendering home services for her clients,

“First, I confirm the location on Google Maps just to be sure, then take my sister or a friend along if I’m not too familiar with the area.”

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4. Anita Nwalo

Anita Nwalo, the creative director of Beauty And Charm, a beauty, cosmetic and personal care brand also shared her thoughts with us, 

“Dangers considering studios may include bringing of dangerous strangers by clients because they might want to come with their friends who might prove dangerous in the end. Then for home services, the clients pay for logistics and I let my family know where I’m going.”

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5. Tobiloba Apelegan

Tobiloba Apelegan of Makeup By Aweni is a makeup artist that deals in mostly bridal, owambe, birthday and film makeup for clients. Most of the time, just like she shared, she gets most of her clients from referrals so it’s always someone that knows someone. Then, concerning her safety,

“I’ve always been safe with all of my clients, I make sure I get all the necessary information, like contact, house address and so on and share with my closed ones before going. But if I’m not sure about the client, I won’t bother going to their house. “

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Sharing live locations, or taking a friend or relative to a home service location seems to be a reliable solution. As a makeup artist, what are some of the steps you take to ensure your safety? Kindly share with us in the comment section below. ​






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