2 Must-Know Copywriting Hacks to Skyrocket Customer Engagement & Sales, Even If You’ve Never Written Before

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Is it difficult to know how to take advantage of great copywriting to sell your products better, especially if you’re not a copywriter? No, it’s not. With the right copywriting hacks, guidance and framework, you can transform the marketing results of your business and get more positive results simply by improving your own copywriting skills. 

Copywriting is the bedrock of marketing and each deliberate improvement in the quality of copies you use to market your business will translate into more influence, more leads and ultimately more sales for the brand. And you don’t have to start by overhauling your entire marketing or copywriting process.

Instead, minute but relevant changes, made consistently over time, will yield powerful and tangible results in your marketing on the long run.

In short, better copywriting translates into better marketing results and sales outcomes. 

So, what are 2 simple but pivotal changes you can make to your copywriting skills today as an entrepreneur, even if you have little copywriting experience? These 2 stress-free copywriting hacks will show you.

Must-Know Copywriting Hacks #1 – Brainstorm Your Copywriting Idea With Someone Else

This copywriting hack is a gamechanger. From tons of experience writing copies as a freelancer and working with others, I have seen firsthand that brainstorming is a powerful tool. The surprising part is that this highly effective copywriting hack is still largely underutilized by most copywriters. 

On the flip side, this is an advantage and opportunity you can leverage to craft more convincing copies that will pull in better results for your business compared to your competitors (guaranteed).

What is brainstorming and how does it work?

Brainstorming is the process of talking through and explaining your ideas, questions, problems and solutions about a certain topic or product. This copywriting hack is best practiced with someone else who actively listens to you. Usually, when you are brainstorming with someone else, your main goal is to help them understand what you want to do and then to get their opinion, questions, suggestions and constructive criticism regarding the topic. 

Simply put, you want to know if your ideas “are logical, thought-provoking and will convince your audience.”

Talking about the idea or product you want to sell with others, sharing your logic, discussing the unique value proposition and benefits with them as well as the competitive advantage will open your eyes and mind to new ideas. 

It also gives room for another person to tell you if your copy or approach sounds legitimate and convincing enough or if they can see loopholes and confusing portions that need to be worked on.

Brainstorming does not need to be an arduous, time-consuming task for you. 

A simple 20 or 25 minutes brainstorming with someone else can give more weight, depth and insight to you and your copy in a surprising way. And if it helps, you can brainstorm with a cup of tea and relaxing music in the background. 

Now, to the second hack every copywriter and entrepreneur needs to know. 

Must-Know Copywriting Hacks #2 – Write Like You Are Speaking to Your Customer

We know you’re not trying to sell to robots or animals. It’s real people that will see your copy and decide whether or not to stop and engage it. So, whether your brand personality is funny and laidback, professional, sarcastic or something else, remember you’re talking to humans.

So write as if your audience is sitting across a table from you and the two of you are having a conversation about the product, business or proposition you want to sell.

Use the language your customer uses. Phrase sentences to answer questions in a way that makes the customer wonder if you can read their thoughts. One of the best tips that has helped us to do this excellently well at Mauvelli has been to hang out where our target audiences hang out. 

For example, we routinely check out Instagram accounts they are following and read their comments to get a better glimpse of their needs, thought processes and language. All of these require effort, but at the end of the day, it puts us in a position to better understand our audience as real people with real needs who need real, productive service from us. 

So, brainstorm and then write as if you’re speaking to your customer directly and you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the quality of your copies and the outcomes of your marketing. 

These 2 hacks have effectively helped us craft better copies by improving the quality of ideas we bring for each copy and by helping us write in a way that our target audience can connect with and relate to.

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